The Mile 22 Story

An Ode to Our Founder

Founder Stef,
you love to spend your free time running.
Whether it be training for Tri’s
or preparing, for
the long run.

Traveling with Joe, your favorite
company and person
in Missoula,
oh what a blessing
with all Montana
has to offer.

Your backyard.
Your playground,
the place you call home.
The people.
Your wish,
that all should plan
to take time
to spend time
their lifetime,
the place
you call home.

Humble beginnings
from one of life’s proudest moments–
your accomplishment,
The Boston

Founder Stef is your name.
Proud, you should be,
of your achievements.
You took
needle to thread, and
thread to fabric,
yet another result you fashioned
your story of Boston for all to see.

In 2008,
not a moment too late.
Bag in hand,
not one
not two
and certainly more than a few;
noticed you carrying
your achievements with you.

Story told
of what you hold
run life’s race for all to behold.

A few years gone
since you starred.
The Las Vegas Marathon,
your bag in hand
has now become
a brand.

to you,
our Founder Stef.
We lift our bags high.

Your story told,
many parts of it
should be in bold,
a heartfelt “thank you” for helping others,
their achievements with them.

Paths Cross

Stef launched Mile 22 in December of 2008. Little did she know that thousands of miles away, another story was being birthed, a story that would cross paths with hers and lead us to where we are today.

Stacey, Mile 22’s current owner along with her husband Jason, underwent major surgery in 2009 which would ultimately begin her life anew. Just two months after this radical surgery, Stacey found herself able to run again. She began with a 5k and quickly progressed through a Triathlon.

Today Stacey enjoys life with her family; life anew.

In the Fall of 2014, Mile 22 officially moved its headquarters and manufacturing from Montana to Ocala, Florida; where Stacey and her family reside.

Telling A Story

Stacey’s story is like many others. She was at a point in her life, where it all had to matter.

Her own Mile 22…of sorts.

Mile 22 is not just a bag company. We are a story company.

Whether it be completing a race or beginning life a new, recognizing the accomplishments we all have is why Mile 22 exists.
You see, whether it is Stef’s race, Stacey’s race, our race, your race, or someone else’s race; Mile 22 believes that all of life’s accomplishments need to be celebrated.
So what’s your story? What can Mile 22 help you to celebrate?
Go on…carry your achievements with you!

Read what a few Mile 22’s Raving Fans have to say about their bags!

I got my bag today! I just want to say THANK YOU so much for doing such a great job with it! It made me cry; it’s perfect! Thanks again!


Just received my race day bag & LOVE IT!!! Thanks Mile 22……you do amazing work!


Got my bag on Friday and it is AMAZING!!!! Love it!!!! Thank you so much!


I love my bag! !! I have had it almost six years now and use it every day!


Carry your achievements with you!

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