Race Ambassador Guidelines & FAQs

Race Ambassador Guidelines

Recognizing the accomplishments we all have and the desire to help others in what is often their most desperate time of need, Mile 22 is proud to announce the Mile 22 Race Ambassador Program. This program is extended to unique individuals across the United States who believe that sports are more than just a competition. Our Race Ambassadors believe that more can be accomplished together than could ever be done alone; and they have a burning passion to “run their race” on behalf of others!

We will donate (currently $5 per bag priced under $100 and $10 per bag priced over $100) to an Ambassador’s Charity of Choice a portion of each sale that Ambassador helps generate. Ideal candidates are participants in “race” type sporting events or sporting competition industries; however, we encourage others outside of those areas to apply if you feel you can meet our objectives.

Mile 22 Race Ambassadors are charged with a two-part mission:

1. Display Mile 22 products, apparel, and services; communicating the importance of why they are “running”.

2. Inspire those around them to carry their achievements with them while living for more than just themselves.

Race Ambassador FAQs

How do I apply for the Mile 22 Race Ambassador Program?

To apply, please fill out and submit the Ambassador Application.

Who can apply?

Are you a runner, cyclist, kayaker or water sporter, adventure hiker, obstacle/mud runner, or other sporting competition enthusiast? Do you share our ideals of living for more than just yourself? Do you want to inspire others to carry their achievements with them? Do you like to share products you believe in with those you know and others that you don’t know? If so, please consider applying for the Mile 22 Ambassador Program.

What does the program consist of?

Once selected for the program, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn donation monies (paid by Mile 22) to your Charity of Choice. If you do not have a Charity of Choice, or your Charity of Choice is not currently available for support via Mile 22, your donation monies earned will be donated to Mile 22’s Charity of Choice which is currently St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Ambassador identification materials may also be provided upon request after acceptance to assist you in your promotion of Mile 22 and our products.

What am I required by Mile 22 to do while I am an ambassador?

As an Ambassador, we are very interested in how you are promoting Mile 22. Once per year, we ask for a summary of your promotion of Mile 22. This will include examples of how you sported your Mile 22 Bag, any comments you or those you communicated with have, any suggestions you have on Mile 22 and the Ambassador Program, and any testimonials and/or photos you would like to submit. (NOTE: Submission of testimonials and/or photos grants permission of use to Mile 22 for future Marketing efforts.) Failure to provide this annual summary will jeopardize your re-application process.

Do you sponsor professional athletes?

At this time, we do not offer any monetary support and are not able to fulfill any individual or team sponsorships beyond this Ambassador relationship. However, feel free to contact us or email us at ambassador(atsymbol)mile22(dotcom) if you have a special request

Can I request a product donation for an event or to be an Ambassador?

Due to the personalized and custom nature of our products, we do not offer any product specific donation to any event or to assist with beginning your relationship as an Ambassador. However, feel free to contact us or email us at ambassador(atsymbol)mile22(dotcom) if you have a specific request.

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