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Holiday Special

A great gift idea for the athlete in your life and the best gifts for runners. At Mile 22, you can purchase a gift certificate in increments starting at $25. For every $25 in Gift Certificate value we will add $5 for free!


Product Description

Holiday Special + $5 for every $25 in Gift Certificate Value

A Mile 22 gift certificate (the best gifts for runners) is a thoughtful way to remember birthdays, holidays and other special days. We offer our gift certificates starting at $25 giving you and your gift recipient flexibility; especially if you don’t know which bag the recipient wants most.

Many gift givers get their friends and families to “go in together” when buying a Mile 22 Bag or Certificate as a gift.

Once you place your order for the Mile 22 Gift Certificate; within 48 hours (typically less), we will email you your certificate with its redemption code worth the value you purchased. You can print it and write the recipient’s and giver’s information on the printout.

Mile 22 Bags gift certificates are always redeemable online.

If you know which bag the gift recipient desires, you can go ahead and place an order for that bag through our “gift bag” options.

Promo codes not valid on gift certificates.



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$30 Gift, $60 Gift, $120 Gift, $180 Gift, $240 Gift, $300 Gift, $360 Gift

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