Give a Mile 22 Bag

Give a Mile 22 Bag


Want to give something more personal than a gift certificate to the athlete in your life. At Mile 22™, you can purchase the exact custom bag design that your athlete will love the most. Made with high quality CORDURA® fabric and always made in America, Mile 22 Bags™ are the best gifts for runners. Not to mention it gets those race bibs, medals, t-shirts, ribbons, stickers, and other memorabilia out of the closet and gives them life. A custom bag from Mile 22™ is uniquely designed to help your favorite athlete in your life to share their story by carrying their achievements with them.

Attention International Shoppers: Please Contact Us to arrange your order so that you will not be charged shipping on a Gift Bag.


Product Description

A Mile 22™ Gift Bag is the way to go that extra mile when remembering birthdays, holidays and other special days. We offer our high quality custom bag designs available for purchase as a gift. Quite possibly, the best gifts for runners! Made with CORDURA® fabrics; the same quality materials used by Kelty, Mountainsmith, CamelBAK, Timbuk2, The North Face and other great outdoor companies; Mile 22 Bags are always made in America.

Many gift givers get their friends and families to “go in together” when buying a Mile 22 Bag™ or Certificate as a gift.

Once you place your order for the gift bag; within 48 hours (typically less), we will email you your gift bag certificate with its redemption code for the bag you gifted. You can print it and write the recipient’s and giver’s information on the printout. This allows the recipient to come back and choose the color of the bag they want. They simply enter the code you will give them when they come back to Mile 22 Bags.

Mile 22™ Gift Bag Certificates are always redeemable online.

If you don’t know which bag the gift recipient desires, you can go ahead and place an order for a Mile 22™ “gift certificate” instead.

Promo codes are valid on gift bags.

Mile 22™ Gift Bag recipients will be responsible for shipping and any further customization options that incur fees.

To learn more about Mile 22 Bags, check out our guarantee, read about our quality and craftsmanship, and see what other customers have to say about their Mile 22 Bags!

Additional Information

Gift a Specific Mile 22 Bag

Cross-Country Crossbody Bag $99.99, Race Day Tote $199.99, Finish Line Tote $219.99, Tri Duffle Bag $264.99, Marathon Messenger Bag $299.99, Ultra Marathon Tote $309.99, Country and City Backpack $314.99


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