Mile 22 FAT Straps

Rats…you must be looking for Mile 22 FAT Straps to help transport your surfboard or paddle board. We are not that Mile 22 company, but we have cool stuff too!

In fact, we have been featured on ESPN, Platform Magazine, Runner’s World, and dozens of blogs and industry websites. How cool is that?!

Before you go to that other company with our name, please take a few moments to read about Mile 22 Bags’ Quality & Craftsmanship, our bag guarantee (a huge value!), and the Mile 22 story (so that you can better understand our heart).

These resources will help convey why a Mile 22 Bag is the best way for you to share your story (regardless of the sport you love).

Stay around a few minutes and check out our products. Surfer’s have a story too you know…Go on, carry your achievements with you and start a conversation by carrying your story with you.

For our customers, an overwhelming percentage of visitors to our website, and the people our Race Ambassadors and team members meet offline; a Mile 22 Bag is the best way for them to share their story across any sport.

Will it be yours?


Now with Free Shipping!

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