Our Guarantee

We want you to love your custom Mile 22 Bag!

Every Mile 22 Bag is built for a lifetime of satisfaction. We guarantee that our craftsmanship and materials are the very best available to us. We provide proofs of your design layout during the creation of your custom Mile 22 Bag. Check out Our Story and the Quality Craftsmanship of a Mile 22 Bag, to see what we are offering.

We want you to love your bag! Why? Because we believe carrying your achievements with you will empower you to share your story with others. And hopefully you are like most of our Mile 22 Customers, you are “running” life’s race for more than just yourself! Due to the custom design and work that results in your Mile 22 Bag, it is difficult to refund, return, or exchange your bag. That being stated, if you DO NOT love your bag when you get it; and you answer NO to any of the following, then please contact us to discuss what can be done.

  • The memorabilia looked like the proof you approved.
  • The craftsmanship is good.
  • It is the style you signed off on.
  • It functions properly; such as zippers, buckles, etc. are properly working

Additionally, should you have a problem in the future with your bag we will be happy to assess the issue and provide a quote to repair it.

We want you, our Customer to be happy with your purchase, We love what we do! We want to give you a platform so you are able to tell your story for many years to come!


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