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How much memorabilia do I need in order to have a bag made?

Depending on the bag design we can make a bag simply from a single memorabilia item—flat items work best.

We have listed the maximum number of items that fit on each bag next to its description on the Bag Design pages but as few as one item has been used. If there is “negative” (empty) space in your digital proof, you may see a “grid” in the background. Typically this grid is filled with Black or White fabric to help your memorabilia “pop” and to create a uniform look across Mile 22 Bag designs.

Can I buy my bag now and send in my memorabilia later?

You do not have to send in your memorabilia right away.  There is often a gap between the purchase of the bag and sending in the memorabilia (as people are often wanting to wait until they finish their next race). You are welcome to send in your memorabilia up to 6 weeks after you purchase your bag.

Is my memorabilia that is used in my Mile 22 Bag protected in any way?

Yes. We sew a protective layer over your memorabilia.

While this layer is designed to repel moisture, much like the CORDURA fabric we use, it does not make the bag “water proof”. Care should be taken when your bag is exposed to the elements, in particular rain, snow or other moist environments.

If a little moisture gets between the layers, this usually air drys and no harm is caused. In the event of too much moisture, depending on the makeup of your memorabilia; bleeding of ink, smudging/smearing, and/or tearing of your memorabilia may occur.

Standard memorabilia issued such as Tyvek bibs, race medals, race ribbons, and cloth/fabric shirts; typically do not present an issue.


How do you handle my memorabilia? Is it safe with you?

We know, understand, and are sensitive to the fact that your memorabilia is often “one of a kind”. In order words, in its singleness; we take great care to protect your memorabilia with our high-touch process during our production of your Mile 22 Bag.

Please note that it is normal for paper based memorabilia such as book covers, maps, ticket stubs, brochures, stickers, et cetera to acquire a bit of character while your custom bag is being created. Meaning, if you send in memorabilia that is 100% perfect, crisp, no blemishes, “like you ironed out the paper,” (which we do not recommend for obvious flammable reasons),  “and added starch to the mix”…you shouldn’t expect the memorabilia, once it has been incorporated into the design, to maintain it’s “perfect” status.

Standard memorabilia such as race bibs made of Tyvek, race medals, and cloth materials (such as shirts, race ribbons, and the like) typically acquire less character during the production process.

Simply put, your memorabilia is going to obtain some character as part of the creation, assembly, production, and finishing of your Mile 22 Bag. Specifically, as part of any bag creation process, a bag is made “inside out” and then has to be “flipped”. This is often what adds character to unforgiving memorabilia, in particular paper based items.

We take great care with your keepsakes and we want Mile 22 Customers to love their Mile 22 Bag (and so far, they all do)!

Do you return unused items or scraps?


We return fully intact items that have not been used on your bag.

Can I specify which of my race memorabilia I would like to feature on my bag?

Yes, just let us know what you would like to feature on the form that you send with your memorabilia. If there are items you indicate specifically we do our best to follow your wishes. However, sometimes we do have to re-arrange things a bit to fit a specific bag.

Does my memorabilia have to come from running?

No! Running is where it all began, but the sky is the limit…triathlons, kayaking, biking, skiing, reunions, graduations, weddings, births, adoptions…in short, any life event or life moment that you want to celebrate!

The best memorabilia is made from Tyvek or cloth/fabric such as shirts, race bibs, race medals, and race ribbons.

Other memorabilia such as photos, heat sheets, ticket stubs, brochures/programs, stickers, and other flat souvenirs have also been utilized. Just keep in mind that these tend to acquire a bit of character while your custom bag is being created.

What if I have written on the front of my bibs? I sometimes record my race info on there, and would like to preserve it?

Not a problem, if you have things written on your bibs, we will do everything possible to make the writing visible if you would like, as we appreciate that this is often important info (times, etc.). On the form that you send in with your memorabilia, let us know exactly what you would like us to do.

Do you do rush orders?

We try to accommodate rush orders whenever possible. Please contact us at (our preferred method) or you may call our Customer Service Voicemail line 407-801-BAGS (2247) to inquire about a rush order. Rush Orders do incur additional fees and are dependent upon our current production schedule, shipping and complexity of integrating your memorabilia.

How do I send my memorabilia to you?

Please use a manila envelope that is big enough to accommodate all of your memorabilia placed flat without folding or creasing it (t-shirts are okay to fold). Make sure you fill out and include the form provided and have your return address on the envelope.

Mail to:

Mile 22

PO Box 830284

Ocala, FL 34483

How long does it take to receive my bag?

Each bag is custom made and entails a high-touch process to ensure the greatest care if given to your memorabilia and Mile 22 Bag!

Once we receive your memorabilia:

  • Typically within a few business days, you will receive a digital proof. Once you approve your custom bag art board,
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks, depending upon time of year (Christmas is alway super busy), for you to receive your finished Mile 22 Bag!

Be assured we always do our best to turn things around quickly as possible and often times production is faster than statement above…but we like to ensure we have the time needed to produce a bag for you that you will love!

Where will my bag be made?

Mile 22 Bags are created in Ocala, Florida, USA.

Do you offer an affiliate or ambassador program?

Yes we do! Mile 22 just launched our Race Ambassador Program. Please visit our Mile 22 Race Ambassador Guidelines & FAQ to learn more about it!

What might my bag look like if I include t-shirts?

Have a look: on the Home page and the Store page the Backpack, the Messenger bag and the Race Day tote all have t-shirts incorporated as well as bibs. For instance, on the Backpack, the black Las Vegas is actually a technical shirt. On the Race Day bag the ING is a t-shirt. On the Messenger, the Marine Corps is a t-shirt.

Do you use a generic mass produced bag as the base then sew my race bibs, race shirts, and other memorabilia onto it?

We do not use generic and/or mass produced bags. Mile 22 produces custom bags made from durable quality materials that are assembled by a USA based team with over 20 years of sewing/garment manufacturing experience. In other words, we aren’t doing this “in our back room”. We take Mile 22 Bags’ quality seriously!

Your bags seem expensive…why is that?

There are a variety of factors that go into any business’ pricing model. Here are a few for Mile 22:

  1. Mile 22 Bags are custom. We do not use generic bags (cheap quality) and simply incorporate your items into a pre-made bag; there is a level of quality and human touch that goes into every Mile 22 Bag.
  2. The materials we use are top quality. For example, we use a patented zipper that is “self-healing” (if the teeth become separated, simply run the zipper back over it to “heal” or “repair” it). Quality materials, made in the USA, cost a little more.
  3. Mile 22 Bags is a boutique manufacturing company. “Economy of Scale” is not (yet) on our side.

The last point is probably the most important. It is easy to answer the question, “are Mile 22 Bags expensive”, when compared to a bag you would buy at Wal-mart, Target, Kohls, or other “department” stores. But when compared to quality products that most people in the “racing” or outdoor industry purchase; Mile 22 Bags are a great value!

We do not aim to compete on price. We stand behind the quality and the value of our bags.

When you buy a Mile 22 Bag, you are not buying a “bag”; you are buying a story!

The story that sports are more than just a competition. The story that it is O.K. to celebrate life’s moments and achievements. And ultimately, the story that we all can accomplish more together, than we can on our own.

So go ahead…own it! Buy your Mile 22 Bag and begin to carry your achievements with you so you can share your story of how you are “running life’s race for more than just yourself”.

I purchased a Mile 22 Bag™ tube, but never sent it in. Can I still redeem it?

First, thanks for remembering us! Second, awesome that you still want to carry your achievements with you and share your story!

In the beginning of Mile 22™ our founder, Stef, distributed Mile 22 Bags™ online as well as at events and certain retail shops. You may have purchased one of these tubes, but never redeemed it for your custom Mile 22 Bag™.


Can you still redeem it?

Yes you can! Here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • The bag designs that were sold in these tubes were very early designs and they are no longer being produced.
  • In most cases, the bag has been replaced with an updated and upgraded design that incorporates our improved quality and craftsmanship of a Mile 22 Bag™
  • There were many original designs sold in these tubes. Your Mile 22 Bag™ will be upgraded to the new design that is closest to what you purchased.
  • You may, at Mile 22™’s sole discretion, be invoiced for the difference in original price paid for the tube and the current non-sale or promotional price listed on our website plus shipping.

Why might there be an upgrade charge?

There are three factors that have gone into this decision:

  1. The bag design the tube “sold” is no longer in production
  2. Increased cost to produce and increased pricing
  3. Upgraded materials and improved craftsmanship (for example we use high quality outdoor grade CORDURA® among other improvements that were not utilized when you initially purchased the tube.

What do I do now?

  1. Print our memorabilia form. Click here to download and print.
  2. Send your tube with the memorabilia and form to:
    Mile 22
    PO Box 830284
    Ocala, FL 34483
  3. Contact us so that we know the tube is on the way
  4. Once the tube has been received we will notify you and communicate our decision as to if the bag production will incur any upgrade design fees.
  5. If you decide to proceed with producing your Mile 22 Bag™, we will send you an invoice (typically via PayPal). Once this invoice is paid we will begin the process of creating your very own Mile 22 Bag™ so that you can carry your achievements with you™!
How do I care or clean my Mile 22 Bag?

While we do our best to use very high quality materials and corresponding craftsmanship, the reality is few fabrics exist in the marketplace that are “water proof”.

Your Mile 22 Bag is not water proof.

This being indicated, we understand that there may be times when your bag needs a little love.

How to clean CORDURA Fabric

In the event that you need to clean the shell of your Mile 22 Bag, we suggest spot cleaning with a non-abrasive cleanser (such as dish soap) and a soft cleaning brush. Using a minimal amount of water, your bag then should air.

You should not, under any circumstances put your Mile 22 Bag in a washer or dryer. 

Additional information pertaining to cleaning soil, oil, and grease can be found at

How to clean the protective layer

To clean the protective layer, a lightly damp soft cloth can be used. Care should be taken when near seams as to prevent moisture from getting underneath the layer.

What is the cost of shipping (Domestic United States)?

Shipping is a flat rate per bag. Each bag has its own associated shipping rate. The rates range between $13.00 – $25.00 depending on the bag design. If your order contains more than one bag, our order system will total the individual flat rates to display your total shipping for the contents in your order.

Do you ship internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories?

Yes we ship outside the contiguous 48 US states and to other countries, please contact us before you purchase your bag. Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and other international destinations will incur additional shipping fees and may incur Customs/Duty fees by these governments. Customers are responsible for any and all of these fees.

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