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Mile 22 Bags™ creates one of a kind Custom Bags
from your memorabilia & life’s moments.

Such as Race Bibs, Route Maps, Shirts, Photos, Medals, Stickers…

Touted as one of the Best Gifts for Runners!

You’ve trained, you’ve run (biked? swam?), finished…maybe won!

Wondering what to do with your race memorabilia?

Need a running medal display?

We make your bibs, t-shirts, & other race day souvenirs into high quality custom bags.

Celebrate your success and carry your achievements with you as a Mile 22 Bag!

Mile 22 is hailed as the Best Gifts for Runners!

Our Story Meets Your Story

Mile 22 makes more than just custom bags. We are more than just American made. We are you made. Each of your stories completes our story. If you are looking for the best gifts for runners, you have come to the right place!
We are running life’s race for more than just ourselves…are you?

Quality & Craftsmanship

When you carry your achievements with you; you should do so with the confidence that your Mile 22 Bag was made in America, by Americans, with American parts and materials. We know you run life’s race for more than just yourself, and we want your Mile 22 Custom Bags to tell your story for years and years to come. These custom bags are durable and are the best gifts for runners!


Over the years you, our customers, have asked us great questions about our custom bags. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer you are looking for. Don’t see the answer you need? Looking for the best gifts for runners?
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